About Pamela Leung

emerging australian artist pamela leungPamela Leung is an emerging artist based in Sydney currently undertaking her Master of Fine Arts in Painting at the National Art School. Originally from Hong Kong, she moved to Sydney in the 1970s.

Her sculptures are made from found objects, reconstructed into compositions that create a harmony between form and space. Through these compositions, Pamela also explores the relationship between drawing and sculpture, addressing themes of meditation, Zen, emotion and the ordinariness of everyday life.

The found materials are brought together with a zesty placement of red in each construction. In the same way her drawings, careful compositions of lines show an appreciation for mark making and what it can symbolise.

Pamela enjoys a dual identity that is in her own words “Westernised” but intrinsically tied to her Chinese cultural heritage. Her use of red refers to cultural, spiritual and traditional memories as well as themes .