About Marc Rambeau

french australian artist marc rambeau fine art painter

Born in France in 1945, Marc Rambeau studied art at the Villa Thiole (French School for Visual Arts) and at the National School for Decorative Arts in Nice .

From 1968 onwards Rambeau’s work took him to the South Pacific where he lived in New-Caledonia and Tahiti until 1985, when he took up residence in Australia. In 1989 he became an Australian citizen.

As a travelling artist in 1995 and 1996, Marc resided in Beijing for six months. This stay in China marked a new era for Rambeau’s art, for he discovered the rice paper medium which he has since used extensively for his paintings. The influence of Rambeau’s time in China is seen in the deceptive simplicity of his bold calligraphic drawings and his use of ink on rice paper.

East meets West in his colour compositions,collages and image repetitions,in the themes he developed over the years,essentially related to travel,the Australian Bush,South Pacific Islands , Asia and Europe as well as figures and nudes.

Rambeau regularly exhibits in Paris,Singapore,Hong Kong,Noumea,Tahiti, New-Zealand and of course Australia.

His Australian studio is located in Ainslie, in the heart of Canberra.