Contemporary Australian artists

Paintings, limited edition prints, drawings and other artworks by contemporary artists from across Australia.

All artwork is for sale subject to availability. Click on any artwork image to view portfolio.

Siv Grava

Siv Grava seascape 'Ocean'

Marc Rambeau

Marc Rambeau painting 'Blue Green Landscape'

David Lancashire AGI

David Lancashire silkscreen 'Think of Your Children'

Robert Delves

Robert Delves watercolour 'Blue Sea' series 3

Victoria Roberts

Victoria Roberts contemporary untitled painting

Heather Duff

Heather Duff desert landscape 'Pelican on the Pier'

Jill Holmes-Smith

Jill Holmes-Smith money portrait 'Perspective'

Libby Letcher

Libby Letcher painting 'Sunny Day'

Pamela Leung

Pamela Leung drawing 'Red Journey 8'